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CELESTIAL is AVAILABLE on Pay Per View ONLY at TBLNFilms.com! CLICK HERE to view the film.

Available at TBLNFilms.com.


Be sure and visit BILL BRYSON’S web site: BillBryson-Astronomer.com. He has downloaded and put up a direct link to the Map-A-Planet web site where I downloaded the HUGE panels (45″x38″) of the complete surface of the whole Moon for making the shots I have in CELESTIAL. Bill has taken the time to get the largest sized link so that you can scroll the surface of the Moon as I did in 2009 and recently for the making of CELESTIAL. The web site is MapAPlanet.org. Bill is an amazing individual and a hero to me for discovering the way to prove the Moon is a full color celestial body.

- – -Jose Escamilla


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